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If you can't beat them, collect them

I've recently switched jobs. The new job is boring as hell. The previous one was heavy and boring as hell.
So, things are getting better, uh?

During the last month or so, I've been assembling a website from scratch (but shhh, don't tell that to my company).

The website is this one. It's called "sceneþoetry" (yes, it is. With a 'þ', yes).

Basically, it's a repository of scene poetry and demo lyrics. Goals for it are easy searchability, easy visualization on all devices, making the data linkable and easily aggregatable. For sure my current work influenced it in some way (I'm working on Elasticsearch, at the moment. No, nothing demoscenic, sorry. Well, wait. How long for a demo on Kibana?).

Your contribution is really needed and appreciated.
On the website, there is a contact form that allows you to submit a missing lyric or missing poetry. And many of those are missing. Just compare with this list (I think a good 50% of the lyrics are missing). You'll find a list of demos also on the contact form.

So, let's build together the definitive list of scene poetry.

P.S.: now I must find another project to do at work.

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