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Quick pills for modern sceners

Modern sceners don't have time.

They are quickly grown-up sons of the 80s, that now work for the same banks they hacked or for the same game companies which users they called "gamers".

Moderns sceners don't have time for a 10-12 minutes long demo.

How can we cope with this in modern life? Hey, we've found the solution. And, surprisingly, the solution is not to impose a 15-second production limit in demoparties. The solution is called: demo .GIFs (yes, it's the first name we came up with, I know).

Want to watch "2nd reality" again (for the 279585th time) but don't have time for that black-screen infinite introduction? Skip directly to the "Star Wars" part:

You always thought that "paper" starts too slowly? No problem:

And that's it.
The demo .GIFs almost say it all. Everybody knows that the "oooooh-moment" in "paper" is that scene. No need to watch the full thing.

Maybe you always wanted to know what's so subliminal in "Stash". It's presto-chango (whatever that means):

The GIF's natural looping nature lets us admire parts of well known demos that slip away too fast, instead:

And it loops nicely, too.
The only limit is your need to scroll this web page. Phew.

It's although nice to see how a 3 second long GIF summarizes perfectly "State of Mind", the breakthrough demo of 1998:

Yes, life really is consume-die. Maybe 'work' and 'buy' too.

Missed that end-of-the-century Haujobb intro? This one sums it up nicely:

Want more "oooooh-moments"?

And you're all set, as they would say in America.
We all love toruses, after all.

Enough said.
In 1990 you downloaded the full thing with 56k modems.
In the 2000s you watched the demo on Youtube.
In the 2010s you finally have the demo .GIFs, what else.

'Bjoooooooo ooo ooooo oer'.
Please post more demo .GIFs in the comments.
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