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All of this felt so 2007...

Oh well, Spring brings a nice redesign to datunnel. Yeah, the old site was too goofy for "modern" standards. But who cares, anyway.

Yesterday, the morning words of Okkie at the end of BP2010 brought tears to my old scener's eyes: this year's Breakpoint will be the last one, and that's not a joke. A generation has lost one of its milestones.

What still remains are Kb's screams behind the microphone, the "Amigaaah" leitmotiv shouted in the dark, the jamsessions with the always overweight Sir Garbagetruck, the still asleep early morning faces of sceners on BPTV, the quality of the releases for a non-mainstream party for hardcore sceners only.

But if something pretty fades away, like a day at the end of Summer, as the Orgas said, in us still remains the faith that next year there will be a new Easter party for everybody.

Breakpoint is dead, long live Breakpoint.

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