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The coder of the unpronounceably named group interviewed by our agent

The origin of the SQNY logo, finally revealed

It's been a long time since the last update, uh?
Many things in real life kept us away from our beloved Tunnel. But you know, real life (like nature) still sucks.
So The Tunnel has returned with an outstanding scoop from our friend Luffy M. Scramble of Firms In Knees, who interviewed... but we'll leave this to him.
Read on.

"So, that’s my debut as a reporter here. Thanks to friol for the great opportunity I’ve been given to show off all my journalism skills, and for hosting me here.

Today we will deal with newcomers in the Scene and with generational renewal in the Scene line-up. Rumors saying “the Scene is dead” come and go but luckily there’s always someone new, here and then, who comes up out from nowhere, releasing an outstanding piece of work. Lately, as often happens, the attention from the Scene got focused on one of these diamonds in the dust like "Chromosphere" by SQNY, embodied by Kurli (code) and Piezo (music).

We contacted the coder of the winner demo of Stream ’07 democompo.
Here's what we come up with...

1) So, the institutional questions, like: how old are you, where do you live, what’s your occupation and what’s the pronunciation of your demogroup name... there have been suggestions on pouet, but nobody found a satisfying proposal for how to say “SQNY”.

Kurli: Hi! Thanks for the interview! I feel like a very important scener! Who would have said this? (lols) Ok, basically my asl profile is: 19 m Finland. I’m an average Computer Science university student at University of Tampere. The groupname “SQNY” is pronounced just like “SONY”. We would have chosen “SONY” if it wasn’t a trademark, already, because I like the sound of that word.

2) And also your nickname, just reminds me of some other famous nickname from our beloved (bedead?) Kewlers... is that some kind of quote? Or Curly (Brace) is the name that you’ve always dreamt of and you had to mess it up for copyright reasons, too?

Kurli: (lols) No, no, that’s a coincidence: as a matter of fact it’s derived from my real name: Karl. There are no mysteries around the nickname.

S..Q..N... oh, nevermind...
3) How did you know the Scene?

Kurli: That’s a quite unbelievable story. I was almost a kid, and was surfing the net looking for fetish pr0n. But I stuck into http://mfx.scene.org. I was happy to have finally some fresh freaky free downloads, and downloaded "The Ballet Dancer", cause it sounded fine. Also "Pornonoise", and "Mother, mother my ears bleed". I didn’t find sex and pr0n but the Scene. That’s how MFX saved my life and healed me from incipient sexual perversion.

4) That’s how everybody, I think, got stuck in this Demoscene, isn’t it? (lol)

Kurli: Do you think that mine isn’t an original story?

5) Personally, I’ve seen my very first intro, "fr-08", when I asked a friend of mine to show me “something cool” he got from tha intarweb. I was talking about pr0n of course, but after a few seconds I saw that loading bar running over the screen and got impressed by what came after!

Kurli: (lols)

6) Rumors say that you will be among the next Scene.org Awards nominees as “Breakthrough Performance” or “Most Original Concept”. So, we’ll wait and see if you will have such a worldwide echo. We, at The Tunnel, would be really pleased to promote you in the right places, with the right people, to make it happen: you know, the influence of our lobbying activity is reknown. (I’m kidding of course!)

Kurli: I haven’t heard of any rumors, like those you’ve just mentioned... I don’t think we’ll be among the nominees, you know, Scene.org Awards Nominees are such a predictable stuff and namevoting sux. That’s why we’ll have no chance at all to be nominated. We’ve no connections, no strong reputation, we’re totally newcomers... maybe the “Breakthrough”. But, everybody knows that the so called “new ones” are just the “old ones” with fake names. To name some of them: Limp Ninja and Synesthetics. So, no surprises (fuckings to them, of course).

Particle storm over SQNY planet
7) Sad but true... But: how did “Chromosphere” come to light? I mean, does it have a concept, a story, behind? Or it’s just a collection of effects without a linear flow/inspiration?

Kurli: (after some minutes of idling, I don’t know if he was thinking about the answer or doing else) Chromosphere was the top of our “technology” at the time it was assembled. I had a bunch of nice effects and I was sufficiently satisfied of them. Something worth of being released *has* to be released and I though that it was the time to become famous. (lols) After, in deciding the sequence of the show, I got some suggestions from Piezo during the making, and I made my own mental storyboard. But it deals with a dement and totally fucked up “story”, dealing with “signals that should be delivered to the eyes of who watches the demo” or something that I’m too ashamed to reveal... nothing like a real story: just something that could justify (to me) the sequence of scenes, as a glue between them.

8) I see... Tell us more about your partner in crime, Piezo.

Kurli: Actually, I’ve never seen him, personally. I know he is an Interior Designer in Copenhagen: we’ve been hanging around the same soccer newsgroup and we used to flame each other, quite often. But one day he posted an offtopic message saying “hey, luk, tis stuff is tha shit, fuck soccer, i quittt!!!11 you suckers: get a life!”: the url he posted was a demo. After that we kept in contact and we started collaborating. Interior Designers are eclectic and bizarre people: he got also good taste for music and used to compose electro tracks in the spare time, other than watching soccer on tv.

"and then her head exploded."
9) Really funny: I barely believe you, but, who cares? Hype and attitude are the columns the Scene is built on! Anybody else in SQNY, other than you and Piezo?

Kurli: No. We’re actually looking for skilled people to join us. But we’re becoming biased bastards so it will be difficult to join us. “Sudden glory makes you vulnerable”? Bullshit! Sudden glory makes you sexy and biased!

10) A-ah... Ok. Thanks for the interview, Kurli. Hope to see you soon at one of the next parties around, to share a beer and shit (lol).

Kurli: Thank you for having egostimulated me! I’ll be pleased to share a beer with you (and your girlfriend) (lols). See you, maybe at Breakpoint 2008!"

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